Unidesk 4 Getting Started Guide

Unidesk 4 Getting Started Guide is a series of articles to help get up and running with step by step instructions.

Unidesk is an application layering technology for virtual environments.  It provides the ability to “blend” the Operating System layer and application layers into a single image.  The finished product is simply a complete merged desktop/server image.  But it also offers the ability to merge additional application layers on top of the finished product.  For example, the finished image may include Office Pro but not Visio.  Visio can be provisioned for specific users during the login process for those specific users.  These layers are referred to as “Elastic Layers”.

Citrix has acquired Unidesk and will integrate it into its XenDesktop/XenApp offerings and will most likely continue offering it as a standalone product for those that would like to continue utilizing for other technologies such as VMware View or deployments in Azure.

These articles are based on Unidesk version 4.0.8.

Articles in this Guide

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