How to Enable Copy Paste in VMware vSphere Client 4.1 and Later

As per VMware, Starting with vSphere 4.1, the Copy and Paste options are, by default, disabled for security reasons.  This article explains how to enable copy paste in VMware vSphere client 4.1 and later. In order to enable this option for a specific virtual machine, perform the following steps:

  1. Power-down the specific virtual machine.
  2. From the vSphere Client and the Summary tab of the specific machine, click on Edit Settings.  
  3. Navigate to the Options tab, Advanced, General and click on the Configuration Parameters button.  
  4. Enter the following values by clicking on the Add Row button.
    • false
    • false
  5. Click OK to exit Configuration Parameters and OK again to exit from Virtual Machine Settings.
  6. Power-on the virtual machine.

For further information, reference VMWARE article

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